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At last (as the old song goes), my new Website is up and running. The old one was static for way too long. My apologies if you clicked on it and found news of concerts from six months ago. There are many drab and tedious reasons why this happened (money, of course, is one), but let's not dwell in the virtual past. This new site, while not completely renovated yet, will be consistently up-to-date, conveying all the exciting news that you, as a Peter King fan, live for. My highly trained staff will be posting day and night, 365 days a year and 366 days a leap year. What a fortunate time for you to be alive! (Seriously, I hope you enjoy this Website and find some interesting  information about my own musical life and the wide, wild world of music in general.)

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The Sounds of Simon

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Cooper-Siegel Library, 403 Fox Chapel Rd., Pittsburgh, PA 15238


Fifty years ago this October, “The Sounds of Silence” made an inauspicious debut on a little-noticed album called “Wednesday Morning, 3 a.m.” by Simon and Garfunkel. Months later producer Tom Wilson added electric guitar, bass and pounding drums to the track. The song was released as a single in September, 1965 and became a No. 1 hit. Songwriter and guitarist Paul Simon, who turns 73 on October 13, had started performing with singer Art Garfunkel when they were still school kids in Queens. As Tom and Jerry, they recorded the minor hit “Hey, Schoolgirl.” First with Garfunkel and then as a solo, Simon would produce an extraordinary body of work. From “Bridge Over Troubled Water” to “Still Crazy After All These Years” to “Graceland,” Simon explored diverse musical styles marked by memorable melodies and a literate, inventive, poignant appreciation of the human condition. Through recordings, discussion and examples played live on guitar, “The Sounds of Simon” touches on Simon’s many triumphs, as well as disappointments and controversies. Taught by musician and guitar teacher Peter King, it’s a brief, insightful look at Simon’s long, illustrious career.

Admission is free. Age limit: All ages


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