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"I was looking for new ways to stimulate my brain after a traumatic head injury. I always wanted to play guitar and I was lucky to find Peter. He is an excellent teacher, sensitive to my deficit and exceptionally patient. Our lessons together are rewarding and very fun. I highly recommend Peter."

-- Steven Zelicoff, M.Ed., Squirrel Hill

"Peter King helped me a great deal. I highly recommend him to any level and style of guitar player."

-- Noah Brostoff, Squirrel Hill

"I have been playing guitar for over 20 years, and I have never had more fun or learned more on my instrument!"

-- Craig Iellimo, Allison Park

"He really understands his craft and has a special gift for making you feel comfortable. Most of all, he really enjoys teaching.

Ě -- Jim Leeper, Aspinwall

"I played guitar for years without any formal lessons and had picked up and dropped countless instructional books and CDs. Peter has helped me break out of the box I was in and into new styles of blues, finger style and jazz and has helped me improve my solo playing. We have also covered just enough music theory along the way to help me with my own songwriting. I highly recommend Peter!"

-- Steve Petrovich, Hampton

"It's been a pleasure studying with Peter! From Oliver's friendly greetings to the great instruction Peter gives, I always look forward to coming back the next week. The song choices and finger-style playing are the best parts."

-- Brad Hammer, North Hills

"I have learned more in a few lessons with Peter than I have learned in a few months with some other teachers. Peter has the ability to teach you step by step so within a few lessons you are playing music. The lessons are fun but focused, and you are challenged to become a better musician."

-- Julie Goscinski, Canonsburg

I learned much more with Mr. King than I could have with anyone else. My time with him not only improved my guitar skills, but also how I experience the way I play. His teaching techniques have given me tools to continue learning various songs and even create my own music. The quality was outstanding, and I am saddened by the fact that I had to move away. I strongly suggest taking lessons from him and learning from a truly great teacher!

Chris Foley (age 14), formerly of Gibsonia

After a 10-year hiatus, I decided to pick up guitar playing again. Peter provided a depth of experience and knowledge about music theory and guitar that I had never encountered. Itís been great to get reacquainted with my guitar Ė and almost as good getting to know this wonderful teacher, Peter King!

John Foley (Chrisí dad), formerly of Gibsonia

"After studying with numerous teachers over 3 decades, I can tell you Peter is in a class by himself. Iíve made great strides in fingerstyle and solo guitar Ė thanks to Peterís expertise, patience and enthusiasm."

- David Green, Hampton

"Learning guitar from Peter has been a wonderful experience starting with the very first lesson. Even though I was a complete beginner, we started Day One with a song. He regularly picks music that matches my tastes and expertly integrates technique and music theory along the way. Peter welcomes questions and solicits feedback regularly. Extraordinary patience and contagious enthusiasm are two of the hallmarks of his teaching style."

Emily Jaffe, Squirrel Hill

Teacher's statement:

Thanks, guys!   To paraphrase the old Peace Corps ad, teaching guitar is the hardest job I've ever loved! The cool thing is — not only do my students learn, but so do I. What’s more, we have fun while we're at it!

When guitarists are practicing and learning a lot, they say they're “woodshedding.” Here's what I bring to the “shed”:

More than 25 years of teaching experience with children and adults

M.A. in guitar performance from Duquesne University

Specialty in fingerpicking — folk, blues, country and jazz

Specialty in improvisation — rock, blues and jazz

Songwriting lessons

Music theory, including chord progression and voice-leading

Free instructional videos

Excellent references

Your home or mine

Patience and a practical, no-nonsense, results-oriented approach 
To find out more about lessons, contact me.